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The Mekong Peoples’ Gathering: The Campaign on the Floating Fishing Boats

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Venue: The Mekong riverside nearby the Tha-Songkorn temple, Nong Khai Province

Date: October 8th, 2022

Country: Thailand

ประกาศเจตนารมณ์ ภาคีคนลุ่มน้ำโขง
Download PDF • 414KB

English Agenda Available Below!

Agenda of The Mekong Peoples’ Gathering Event
Download PDF • 183KB

The Mekong River is shared among six countries and is facing the devastation resulting from the construction of large dams in China and Lao PDR’s territory. The dams affect across the borders along both the mainstream and tributaries of the river and have affected the livelihoods of more than 60 million people in the region without specific laws and regulations to control them. The Mekong ecosystem is collapsing. People do not want dams. The people in Thailand are trying to protect the Mekong as it is our source of food, culture, and way of our lives that we have had for a long time. Presently, the Thai government, the biggest electricity buyer from Laos just signed the MOU to buy electricity from another two mainstream dams, namely Pak Lay and Luang Prabang. For that reason, we have to continue our campaign against the dam builders and governments.

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