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Phu Huay Isan (ภูห้วยอีสัน) : One of the Best Mekong Community Tourist Attractions !

Hi guys! Winter is coming and some of you may looking for a place to recharge your batteries! I mean, there is no electricity up here but the place will definitely give you some energy and strength... as you may have to walk 3 kilometers up the hill! - Just kidding 😄

Going up there, you can get on this original motor-tricycle that can carry up to 8 passengers at a time. It only cost 80 Baht or 2.2 USD/ per person. Convenient, isn't it? 🤭

Best Promotions!

If you come as a group and wanted to book all the 8 seats, there will be only 600฿ or $15.95.

For a VIP ride, there are 800฿ or $21.22! Super cheap!

On the afternoon and evening, canoeing on the Mekong river is a great idea!

Contact Mr. Chaiwat Parakhun for a trip!

English Speakers please contact Matha


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